Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here I am . . .

Well, here I am!!! After six months of waiting, four plane rides, and thirty hours of transit - here I am. It's only been a few days, but so far, so good! I'm living in a huge, beautiful house with three Paraguayans and another American, and they've all been so sweet and helpful as I get my bearings. It's been an overwhelming couple of days - I'm meeting tons of people and everything is so different!

My first day with the orchestra went well last week. Everybody's just learning their music and the maestro is out of town for a few months, but my colleagues couldn't have been more welcoming. (One of them even accompanied me home from rehearsal as I'm just learning to use the buses here.)

So far I've had tons of free time and I'm doing a lot of practicing and studying (Spanish mostly, and a little music history). I just can't get over how beautiful this place is and how friendly the people are. Hopefully I'll be able to buy a camera soon and get you all some pictures. I'll check in with some more coherent thoughts once I figure things out a little better, but for now I'll leave you with this:

The Paraguayans might be the most hospitable people in the world.


  1. Ali, sounds as if you have had a wonderful start. Can't wait to see pics. I'm seeing your father next week I'll encourage him to send you one ASAP. Love you, Aunt Janet

  2. Hi Ali. This blog is a great way to connect! Too bad you forgot your camera when you left. Do you want me to send it to you? Address? Looking forward to hearing the news from Paraguay! hugs, mom

    p.s. I couldn't figure out how to post except for anonymous. haha.

  3. Thanks guys! I didn't forget the camera - I didn't bring it because I can't plug it in here.

    I'm not sure what the mail situation is yet. Some of the buildings have numbers, some don't (our house doesn't), and I haven't seen any mail coming or going yet. Will keep you posted as I figure things out!

  4. oh. my. gosh. That sounds amazing!! GO YOU! :) I am so glad you are documenting it. You So deserve this!

  5. Ali - Not sure why you can't plug it in? All you need is an adapter. Let us know. We'll be there in two months so maybe we can just bring it.

    Glad you are getting settled in and like your orchestra mates and your room mates. Keep up on your blog. An easy way for ust to keep in touch.

    I was in Istanbul for the weekend - nice city. Lot's of historic sites. In ANkara for the week before going to NJ to see Grandpa and Gina.

    Take care. Love you.


  6. I was studying my espanol today... Eliav es alto, Ali es baja, y soy de estatura mediana! Yay espanol! hahahahahahaha. xoxoxox!