Thursday, February 17, 2011

One-Week Par-aversary

Ok, so it's actually been a week and a day, but I didn't get around to this yesterday, so -

I really can't believe it's only been a week - Colorado feels so distant, like it was forever ago! I honestly can't get over how nice everyone's been here. Various people at home and at work, without my having to ask, have been drawing me maps to help with taking the buses, walking me to places I haven't been, helping me buy a phone, checking to make sure I understand when there's a change in rehearsal time, etc. It's been so amazing to be surrounded by people who are so willing to help me out, and also very humbling to be in a position to need so much help. As most of you reading this know, I am not usually a person who needs somebody to show me how to do things or take care of things for me, so that's been a whole other kind of adjusting that needs to be done beyond the obvious stuff to get used to.

Progress in week 1: I'm getting pretty proficient at taking the bus to and from work - soon I may even get brave and try to take it somewhere else. :) My trips to the grocery store are getting quicker and involving less dictionary time. And even though I have a long, LONG way to go, I can tell that my Spanish is improving a little already.

Well, kids, it's way past my bedtime. The orchestra and opera chorus are going on a little tour for a couple of days and we're leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow! We're going to be doing excerpts from an opera they did last year. It was written by a local composer and is based on traditional Guarani songs. It's really easy music, but I'm excited to play my first concerts with the orchestra and see some other towns.

Hasta luego, friends!

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  1. So glad to hear it's all going so well! :) I want to hear updates about the other cities you see - so fun!